The Board of Trustees performs much of its work through committees that can engage deeply in topics of importance to the University. The Board Chair appoints the members of all trustee committees, which include trustees, faculty, and students.

Current Committees

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is composed of the Chair, the Vice Chairs, the Chancellor and at least six voting members of the Board of Trustees and is responsible for acting on behalf of the Board in the interval between meetings of the Board.

Academic Affairs

The Academic Affairs Committee reviews and recommends program and personnel policies integral to fulfilling the academic mission of the University and concerns itself with all matters pertaining to the academic and research areas of the University.

Audit, Risk and Compliance

The Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee oversees the quality and integrity of the University’s accounting, auditing, external financial reporting, and legal and regulatory compliance practices. 


The Compensation Committee oversees compensation decisions and benefit programs, and policies and practices applicable thereto, for employees of the University at all levels, including the Chancellor and other officers. 

Facilities and Campus Planning

The Facilities and Campus Planning Committee oversees campus grounds and buildings as well as the University’s purchase, sale, exchange and leasing of real estate and leasing of personal property, and the formulation of policy surrounding these transactions.


The University Finance Committee reviews and evaluates budget activity of the Danforth Campus units: the six Danforth Campus schools, the Central Fiscal Unit, and Auxiliary Enterprises. 

Honorary Degree Task Force

The Honorary Degree Task Force is responsible for recommending candidates for honorary degrees annually at commencement and, occasionally, upon the Chancellor’s request, at other special functions of the University. 

Medical Affairs

The Medical Affairs Committee reviews and approves the budget recommendations for the Medical School, evaluates its financial performance, reviews and approves major capital projects and programs at the Medical School, and oversees the relationship between the Medical School and BJC. 

Nominating and Governance

The Nominating & Governance Committee oversees selection, orientation, motivation and committee assignment of the members of the Board of Trustees in a manner that will ensure the continued strength and effectiveness of the University’s governing Board.  Emphasis to be placed on diversity in long-term recruitment.

Student Experience

The Student Experience Committee ensures that the student experience is assessed and its quality is preserved and enhanced such that it continues to be a strength of the University, as measured by faculty, administrators and students.  The Committee is responsible for informing itself on the undergraduate and graduate experience by learning about student activities and hearing from students involved in a wide variety of activities, organizations and pursuits.